Armor XT Pro - Proprietary System

ArmorXTPRO system is the biggest difference between Revive Exteriors and other contractors.

This system comes from years of experience installing roofs. Most contractors focus on meeting the minimum standards set by manufacturers and building codes. Who in the world wants the minimum standard?

From inspection to installation and clean-up we have you covered with the ArmorXTPRO system. We pride ourselves in the fact that the ArmorXTPRO System far exceeds manufacturers specs and building codes for durability, wind rating, and leak proofing your home. See how Revive Exteriors protects your home, your property and our work zones by having one of our certified ArmorXTPRO representatives show you how our system beats all the competition by not only installing the best roof system but making the experience in doing so easy, and amazing for every customer!

24 hour emergency service

Provide emergency roof repair services and tarp services from damage caused by severe weather and/or hail storms. We know the insurance claim process and will provide you with everything you need to make the process run smoothly. Trust one of the most reliable contractors in the Denver area for your roof repairs.

Revive Exteriors is here to answer any questions, and offer advising on any commercial or residential roofing project.
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